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Having a gap in your teeth can be a problem and it can be embarrassing.

So, if you are troubled with crooked teeth or have wide gaps between your teeth, feel free to visit Austin Dental Care today.A mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth can cause either extra space between teeth or crowding of teeth.Let me introduce my recent patient Priya (imaginary name, real patient).Gaps in teeth are more commonly seen in children as many adults receive treatment as children to close their gaps.Teeth can suffer from many problems like deformation, yellowness, cavity and tooth decay.

Gaps in teeth is a common concern of people in modern times, and there are few people who look to fix the gap in teeth at home, which is completely irrational.Bonding is a way in which dentists can replace tooth structure in a single visit with a tooth-colored filling material.

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Please see a qualified orthodontic specialist for evaluation.But the idea that a space between teeth (or freckles or hair texture or pale skin or dark skin or.If you cannot afford braces, you should seek other affordable ways of fixing the gaps in your teeth.The band exerts pressure that draws the teeth together, consequently closing the gap.In regard to closing in the tooth gap, the idea is that the dental crowns for the two teeth framing this space are made wider, so when they are placed the gap is filled in.

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This is a great alternative to braces, crowns, and traditional dental veneers.When you are ready to start your orthodontic care you may want an exact answer on how long it might take.Most of all it can be a great way to help improve your self image and help you feel better about your appearance.

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Gaps between front teeth can be fixed in a very easy manner with additive dental composite resins.

Invisalign braces are great for gaps between front teeth, fixing overbites, and straightening crooked teeth.Fixing gaps in teeth can have very positive results when it comes to everything from your social life to your job.

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If you are one of these people, here are some procedures you might want to consider to fix those gaps and finally have the perfect smile you have always wanted.

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Fortunately, Invisalign is a great option for many people when trying to close a gap between teeth.

One of the most common reasons this gap between teeth occurs is when a mismatch develops between the size of the teeth and that of the jawbones.

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Bonding gaps with composite resin cosmetic dentistry is used to close spaces between teeth.

If your teeth are causing you discomfort or health issues, then of course get them attended to.

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The biggest problem is that no two people are the same and neither are the teeth in their mouth.Some gaps come as a result of habits such as over-dependency of a pacifier or thumb-sucking as small child or when an older child through adult years forms habit of pushing the front teeth forward with tongue, bringing gaps to occur.Depending on the size, cause, and location of the space between your teeth, your Wellington orthodontist will help you choose the best procedure to fix the gap or gaps in your teeth.

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In bonding procedures, a dentist applies tooth-colored resin to both teeth, filling in the gap.By design, a rubber band is meant to maintain its original position, so when it is stretched between two teeth, it tends to force its way back.

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